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Incorporate New York CityLefstein-Suchoff CPA & Associates, LLC, are experienced in helping first-time business owners and can help you save the money you need for your new business. Whether it is a corporation, LLC, partnership or sole proprietor, we can help ascertain the best business structure for your indigenous circumstances.  

  • We can have your corporation or LLC formed within 24 hours so you can begin conducting business.
  • We fill out all the forms (paper or electronic) such as registration assistance for your federal employer ID, state sales tax registration, entity classification, change or amendments, subsidiary entities, federal S-corporation and State S-corporation elections and even corporate and LLC dissolution for your old entities.
  • We will guide you in selecting the appropriate state based on your specific circumstances.
  • We will also assist you with maintaining your books and the required tax filings going forward so you can remain in compliance and minimize your taxes.
  • We can advise you with regard to record keeping, receipt retention, bank accounts, workers compensation, disability, employee benefits, independent contracts, payroll and owner distributions, and so forth to help you start your new business off on the right foot!

Let us help you build for the future!


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